How to wear hijab? – photography, styling and collaboration (via Olga Hoffman Photography Project)

How to wear hijab? - photography, styling and collaboration This post is from the series collaboration. Working on the project 'How to wear a scarf' I am building a network of people who share the same interest. We will be helping each other with our own projects. Today I met Samia from Hijablicious. Samia runs the blog where she writes about hijab styling and offers fashion consultancy. She is also socially active and does workshops about Muslim cloths styling. It was a great meeting. I learned a lot abo … Read More

via Olga Hoffman Photography Project

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Cocktail Hour (via Fashion in Motion)

Cocktail Hour Who doesn't love a little dress-up cocktail affair? Today we're summing up the season's best cocktail dresses for every party outfit budget. Featuring feathers, chains, lace.. bodycon and asymmetry, this season's array of trendy little numbers has mo … Read More

via Fashion in Motion

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A True Christmas Miracle (via Corey Trench’s Blog: The Growing Life)

A True Christmas Miracle I ruined Christmas. Yes. Our most cherished holiday and I desecrated it. I should back up for a minute and say that Christmas is MY holiday. Yes, I own it! I have ever since I was a little kid. Ask my parents. They're the ones who call me Mr. Christmas. No tree was safe from my decorating frenzy. I would use every ornament to cover the tree. My wooden toy train would surround the base of the trunk and an army of nutcrackers would stand guard (Our … Read More

via Corey Trench's Blog: The Growing Life

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Fashion and Film (via Honeyneko’s Weblog)

I have to say:“all the girls love fashion". In our life, fashion becomes more and more important. It seems to be everything has to become a fashion style, such as cloth, shoes, cosmetic, and also commodity. We start to loving the IPod, Iphone, using MP3 everyday, talking about different brands of cloth, and surffing on the internet to find information or going to buy something. That's all about fashion! Fashion influences the film industry as wel … Read More

via Honeyneko's Weblog

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Fashion is Art (via Review of the Latest Fashion Trends and Products.)

Fashion is ever changing, but it is not a cast that forms a perfect mold every time. In other words fashion is individualistic. Fashion can forge itself not only into the way that a person looks and carries his or herself, it can become part of who that person is. There are trends that line themselves with what the culture percieves to be the latest fashion statements applied to the entire framework of the so called social elite. However true fas … Read More

via Review of the Latest Fashion Trends and Products.

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French fashion in Paris (via Style Fashion Trend)

French fashion in Paris Paris and French fashion are world famous. French fashion is setting the trend with icon brands such as Chanel, Dior, Hermes, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent. Many lesser known French fashion designers turn Paris into the fashion city of the world. Look at our selection of French fashion brands. All of these fashion brands have stores in Paris. While in Paris, discover the best French fashion. via French fashion in Paris. … Read More

via Style Fashion Trend

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Fashion Trends For 2010 (via Apparel On Demand’s 2010 Blog)

Fashion Trends For 2010 The fashion year 2010 is considered to be an interesting and exciting year for fashion. In all the fashion shows that have taken place so far, a new standard of fashion rise up is seen. The latest trend for women’s fashion 2010 has been encouraged by classic styles, colors and of course attitude and glamour. Fashion is a part of our daily life and modifies faster than the weather, making it truly challenging for the regular fashion to know which … Read More

via Apparel On Demand's 2010 Blog

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